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2022 Nonprofit Virtual Business Summit

Wed 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Topic: Nonprofit

2022 Nonprofit Virtual Business Summit | March 30, All-day Workshops from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

If your Nonprofit organization has a small operating budget but you want to gain experience and insight from a conference, this Business Summit designed specifically for Nonprofits is a must for you and your team!

This full-day, FREE event includes guest speakers who will share creative ideas and solutions that will help you be more effective and inspire action. Choose the sessions that best fit your situation. With a variety of session types and opportunities, this event provides the energy, takeaways and strategies you need to accelerate change for your Nonprofit.

Checkout the full list of speakers and sessions below:

Developing Metrics and Data for Your Nonprofit Success

Presenter: Hannah Randall

A nonprofit sets yearly mission critical goals and objectives, with its success mostly measured by whether or not it achieved them. These include goals for factors such as number of volunteers, number of clients helped and number of dollars raised, as well as reputation building. As the CEO of Manna Food Bank, Hannah Randall, was able to build and increase the reputation of one of the most well branded nonprofits in North Carolina. Hannah will share best practices and show you how to develop and navigate these tedious systems.

Fundraising In Today’s Economic Climate

Presenter: Lori McCroskey

How do you feel when you ask for something, be it a donation, a raise or support with a project? This session will share approaches, results, and lessons learned including acting on opportunities, finding your own relevant story, and engaging your donors in a compelling way that sets the stage for sustainable giving. Dive into ways you can ask for what you need with confidence and get answers to your questions about making your next ask. Lori McCroskey is a successful fundraiser and will share her tips on fundraising in today's economic climate.

Remaining Relevant Through Ups and Downs of the Nonprofit World

Presenter: Stephanie Twitty

Engaging those around you who are solving problems in the community is the mark of a responsible nonprofit leader. While many nonprofits experience the rewards of receiving financial support, the benefits of real engagement extend much further than any satisfaction you may receive from writing or receiving a check. Having your hand on the pulse of your community, understanding its strengths and challenges has allowed leaders like Stephanie Twitty to work seamlessly across the lines of partners and collaborators. She will share from her own experience the high and low points over the years, lessons she has learned on what has worked well, the mistakes she's made and how she has learned to remain relevant while staying true to her mission.

Community Building and Your Non-Profit

Presenter: Marilyn Ball

Community is about bringing people together for a shared goal or purpose. Just like company brands, nonprofits need to gain support, spread their messages, and develop loyal ambassadors for their missions. In today's competitive environment, building strong communities is key - And all about collaboration and partnerships.

Marilyn Ball is the author of The Rise of Asheville: An Exceptional History of Community Building. Marilyn’s background and experience will help you navigate your organization’s community building.

Harnessing The Power of Your Non-Profit Board and Engaging Volunteers

Presenter: Greg Walker-Wilson

As a CEO of a nonprofit organization, you have resources that you can tap into to support you and your mission. In this session you will learn how you can engage with your BOD and build your volunteer staff. Best practices around BOD engagement and meeting agendas will support you in managing difficult dynamics that can sometimes circumvent your progress with organizational growth. Learning how to guide and include your volunteer staff in your mission and vision can allow you to grow your nonprofit and develop your donor base. Being able to lead and engage Board and volunteers for your nonprofit is a natural skill and attribute for Greg Walker-Wilson. He has years of Leadership in nonprofits and is a natural at connecting others to a mission.

Elevate Your Funding and Donor Support with a Personalized Social Media Presence

Presenter: Janice Rojas

With engaged followers on one or more of the major social networks, nonprofits can effectively spread the word about fundraising campaigns, new initiatives, and advocacy work period the key is to build a thriving online community of your nonprofit ideal fans - the ones who will actively engage with your content, share it with their networks, and respond to your call to action. Janice will share her many years of experience working with established, experienced, and successful nonprofit organizations.

Developing Strong Relationships for Greater Impact

Presenter: Sharon Oxendine

We all know that strong relationships with grantees are more important for productive partnerships that lead to greater impact. So, how do you build meaningful relationships with grantees when you're overwhelmed with submitting and reviewing proposals, preparing and reading reports, and all the other things that program staff must spend time on? Relationships between funders and grantees may have their own unique quirks and power dynamics, but they are not different from any other good relationships, which are based on mutual respect, open communication, and reciprocity. Sharon has worked in the nonprofit arena for over 25 years and points to relationship building in communities with funders as a key to her success and fund raising and organizational growth.

Creating Personalized Videos for Reaching Your Non-Profit Supporters

Presenter: Russ Seagle

Video has always been an impactful way to reach your supporters. Today more than ever, in a world where in-person Visits and events are few and far between, we must embrace video more than ever before as a way to virtually engage, steward and even solicit donors and partners. In this session, Russ will show you how to “wow” your donors and supporters through personalized video, even on a budget.

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