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Choosing a Legal Structure for a Business (SBU)

Topic: Start-up Assistance
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Every new venture has to work the complex decision of what legal structure to choose for the business. This course breaks down this decision into its essential characteristics simplifying the decision -making process. An in-depth discussion is presented about the pros and cons of such structures as the sole proprietorship, partnership, "c" or "s" corporation, and the limited liability company (LLC). As part of this course, a legal structure wizard ranks the best structure to choose for your business based on a series of questions that account for risk, complexity, types of ownership, and so forth.

Once you have selected the best structure, the course then presents each of the forms that are necessary to file and set up your business from a legal requirements perspective. A final section of the course deals with employees and the legal implications surrounding this important responsibility. Each of the forms needed to successfully hire and manage employees is presented.

Topics covered by this course include:

What is a legal structure?
The different types of legal structures
The sole proprietorship
The general partnership
The "c" corporation
The "s" corporation
The limited liability company (LLC)
Selecting your legal structure
The forms that you will need
Employee issues and requirements

Course Objectives

To help you understand the different legal structures that are available when starting a business.
To help you understand the advantages and disadvantages between the different legal structures.
To help you choose what legal structure is most appropriate for your business.
To provide you with the forms that you need for the formation of your selected structure.
To inform you about employee issues and provide you with the forms that every employer needs.

Course is approximately 2 hours to 2.5 hours in length and provides over 129 animated slides complete with voiceover narration.

Speaker(s): SmallBizU

Fee: Free

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