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Digital Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Lunch and Learn Series: Messaging

Tue 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Digital marketing tools have emerged to facilitate and automate the art of connecting with customers in a meaningful way. It is true that digital marketing can be confusing and time-consuming. The technology changes constantly and measuring effectiveness can be complicated. However, when done well, digital marketing can also significantly increase recognition, traffic, sales, and customer satisfaction for your business at a reasonable cost. Each week of the next four weeks will cover the different steps to effective digital marketing. STEP 2 - Refine Your Messaging Like branding, messaging is what you are conveying to consumers about your entity. Come and learn how the way you communicate to the consumer regarding your company, services, and products can connect you and your company to a specific industry, elicit emotion and build relationships with the members of your target market, educate members of your target market about the benefits of your products/services, and serve as a call to action. In regard to digital marketing, you can create and relay the messaging for your business by developing original, relevant content and using strategically determined keywords. This is the second of four seminars that are part of the Digital Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Lunch and Learn Series. NOTE: You must register in two places for to complete your registration for online access. After you complete your registration here, you will receive a Thank for registering message. Click on the Continue button to access the GoToWebinar platform to register for access to webinar on March 17, 2020. You cannot come back later to come back to complete this step. GoToWebinar will also send you reminders about the webinar.

Speaker(s): La-Tasha Best-Gaddy, SBTDC at NCCU

Co-Sponsor(s): Durham Tech's Business Administration program and Small Business and Technology Development Center (Central Region SBTDC)

This live online webinar session will be offered concurrently with in person session. Please register for either the live in person or online webinar.

Fee: No Cost

Phone: 919-536-7241


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