Congratulations to the top 53 moving on in the 53 Ideas Business Pitch Competition! 

Business/Idea Pitched By
Pitched By
 Workout Waffle
 Ellie Attieh
   Changing Hearts Farm
 Kelsey Joseph
 B Bands
 Angela Benson
   Light and Charge Solutions
 Margaret Kocherga
 Manolo's Bakery
 Manolo Betancur    MedXR  Paula Kranz
 Uptown Indigo Speakeasy
 Duncan Blount
 Nataly Larrabee
 Mobile OT Services
 Dominique Bostic-Arrington
   Dual Vita Language Academy
 Tiara Mahoney Paulino
 Crafter's Portal
 Emily Burke
   Agapa Acres
 Shayna Mann
 Therapeutic Art
 Ingrid Butler
   Grief Support Services
 Geneva McMillian
 Persona Grata Goods
 Julia Camenisch
   Moonlight Kiddie Care
 Patrice McMurray
 Minor Transport Service
 Kisha Clyburn
   Roses and Azalea
 Jenny Melick
 Brown Kids Travel
 Efuru Cole-Brewer
   Power Plus
 Albert Miller
 Met Ready
 Bryan Crouse
   Sani Sponge
 Jalisa Miller
 Charlotte Leverages Trash
 Margaret Davis
   Strengthening Families
 Sherell Mobley
 2 You
 Jay-Len Roberts
   Automated Food Services
 Myung Park
 Hands Free Self Defense
 Troy Dugo
   Educating thru Culinary
 Krysten Parris
 Bath Mat Back Scubber
 Delarious "Moon" Edwards
 Trey Phills
 Yoga Initiative
 Michaela Frampton-Rogers
   Bag Eats
 Angela Pierce
 LiVReal Mobile VR Classroom
 Timothy Glass
   Fuel Concierge
 Anthony Powe
 A Forever Farm
 Thomas Griffin
   Mobile Food Market
 Janine Rhodes
 Community Kitchen
 Beverly Hairston
   Organic Garden
 Ashanti Selassie
 Cloners  Destiny Halbert
   The Music House
 Destiny Stone
 STEM Dreams Mobile Lab
 Linda Hargrove
   Behavior Therapy
 Andrea Symes
 A Look in the Mirror
 Ashley Hazell
   T.I.T.A.C.S.  Abbie Thorton
 Mobile Dash
 Kyle Hearns
   The Cabinet Pillow
 Miche Watkins
 QC Upward
 David Hunkele
   Hinge Lock
 Lisa Williams
 Framwrk  David Hunt
   Iconique  Naukisha Wray-Darity
 SAS Eatery
 Keyera Israel
   Three Strands Recovery Wear
 Leah Wyrick
 Vegan Soul Food Cuisine
Raven Joiner


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